Stuff to remember…

I have been neglecting my blog, because living in a hostel makes everything tiresome. Not staying, but living in a hostel while you work Monday to Friday, sharing a room, bathroom, kitchen and breathing space with so many people is exhausting. Cooking is a pain and not a pleasure, laundry is a tedious 75 minute affair, standing by the dryer opening and closing the door (I still love cleaning the lint filter), and most days leave me thinking ‘not much longer’ until we have somewhere real. Not our own flat, just a modest room in a house with 2 or 3 people, instead of 70.

I feel bad for neglecting this space because the space is for me and my memories. And when I’m 50 I’d like to remember my first few weeks at work in Armadale, staying in St. Kilda, our first payday, and then finding somewhere to live.

I have pictures to share, from here and there, of the little adventures we’ve had. The most important thing I’d like to remember is that I feel very happy.

Here’s a little picture of my my miserable processed breakfast each morning, peanut butter and jam toasted sandwiches that leave me slumped, exhausted at 11am.


A picture from a Sandringham commute when we were still staying with Alice.


Some very good tsukemen ramen from Mensousai Mugen in the CBD, this was our celebratory payday dinner. It was utterly delicious. The noodles and seaweed come separately from the thick broth and you add them in as you go. When you’re done, the waitress brings you a little pot of tasty dashi stock to add to the thick broth, giving you a soup to finish with. I do like theatre with my dinner.




We were accidentally brought some chips, which is a terrible dilemma, whether to say something or wolf them down. We both ate one, sneakily, and let the waitress take them away when she noticed. That’s perfect, I’d love a spoonful of everything on the menu, that’s my ideal dinner.


On Sunday just gone we sat in a little St. Kilda cafe, and I figured out how to do a Japanese number puzzle other than sudoku. Had this tasty little soy cappuccino.


We spent the weekend shopping, since I was in desperate need of a coat that wasn’t a North Face knock off from Cusco. It’s incredible how much better you feel with a new coat, a new dress. I feel like a real person again.
I bought dumplings from Chinatown and on the tram home realised the hostel has no freezer. So I cooked them that night, but half defrosted they all clung together and pork and prawn kind of fell out everywhere. Then I sat opposite all my most hated hostel people and actively disliked them as I ate.


That’s me trying to charm a possum.

We watched Godzilla in the IMAX at the Melbourne Museum. It’s the 3rd biggest IMAX in the world, it was pretty big. And the film wasn’t great. But it was great for the IMAX. I loved every second. I have always been a fan of the end of the world film. And Bryan Cranston caked in make up on the big screen. Although his screen time found me nervous, in case Breaking Bad was mentioned, even in that environment. I think that means I just have to finish it. As soon as we get a real place to live.

One more thing to remember… on the tram home from our flat viewings tonight we listened to 3 teenagers swearing for 20 minutes. It was almost like Jonah from Tonga, and I couldn’t help but laugh.

Also, I squeezed a lime into my drink tonight and hit a man at the next table in the eye. Priceless.