We’re moving house! After almost a year in our current house share we made the leap, for various reasons,  to a beautiful place for us and Toby and maybe somebody else. We’re all smitten. We’re waiting for electricity and things to be turned on but in the meantime we have the keys and visit every day, like you’d do for somebody in hospital or a friend with a new puppy. It is just a house, but I’ve never liked one so much.

Oliver has found his calling in local op shops (opportunity shops, quite a cute name) picking out tables and paintings and mugs. We’re slowly filling our new place with particularly special bits of crap. We found a bargain sofa on gumtree at 8am this morning and by noon we were sat on it, in our new living room. The power of the Internet. We’ve been to IKEA three times in a week and my credit card is strained.

Still, I’m very excited for coming weeks of actually living there; cooking, decorating, settling in. But mostly cooking, let’s be honest.


Little room in fitztoy…

Just one week ago we woke up for the last time in Habitat hostel in St. Kilda. By all means, a decent hostel. For a month, tiresome. We packed up all our goods and left behind this kind of living…






We got to our new house in Fitzroy, just off busy Brunswick Street, as the previous inhabitants were leaving in their camper van. We saw our room for the second time, now empty and it was bigger and lovelier than we remembered. Floor to ceiling empty wardrobes, a modest window, shiny wooden floors and a big tall ceiling. And a few gaping cracks in the wall. It’s old, I suppose that’s charming.






After an obligatory trip to IKEA, 2 tram rides away, we returned with a duvet, sheets, a bonsai tree and tea lights. I don’t think I’ve ever returned from IKEA without candles and plants. It took 30 minutes to make the bed and unpack everything we own in Melbourne (2 backpacks and a few reusable supermarket bags worth). I love our cracked walls and this cosy room.






I am so pleased to have a room and a space that is just ours. I am now obsessing over design blogs and little home improvement ideas, I would love to paint these filthy walls and sort out these cracks! And I look forward to living somewhere a little more permanent with the freedom to do those things. Right now we don’t know how long we’ll be here for, so we’re just enjoying that it’s ours. And it’s no bargain, but the location alone is worth it. And the general quality of living in this city means that I am content most days. I also have a house to scrub and hoover and realise how much like my mother I really am.