Adam’s here!

After a lovely weekend we are now beginning a new week. A week that includes our friend Adam. Inexplicably, Adam is on a 4 week trip with work from Manchester to Melbourne. What a happy coincidence. We have very little money left until out payday next week (couldn’t come sooner) so we’re saving it for whatever plans Adam might have. We don’t yet have our own place (till payday) and our hostel allows no guests, so we need cash just to hang out and have a chat with Adam. But I’m looking forward to spending that money!

After Adam’s 4 week stay, the friends we made in South America, Darren and Dermot, come to Australia for 3 weeks as part of their ongoing around the world trip. And after that Alanna arrives, with Jenni too, and we plan on a trip somewhere exotic, assuming that holidays and work all allows.


Last night we had a fancy bowl of ramen and a beer on a rooftop bar with Adam! It was misty, Manchester like weather, but the view was worth the chill. And the 7 floors of stairs we walked up. It was lovely to be social in our new city, on a Monday night.

In work last week, we won a Playstation 4, which is like Christmas come early for Oliver. They have a monthly auction, using points you earn at work, and somehow we won! There were 2 beautiful Mac Book Airs up for grabs but I couldn’t quite stretch to one of those. So a Playstation 4 is our most prize possession, locked away in our hostel, without a TV to play it on. Pretty ironic.


Our second most prized possession is this never ending $4 vat of cookies.