I’ve been meaning to keep a blog for a long time, in much the same way that I’ve been meaning to keep a diary or take more pictures. I have a terrible memory and an awful fear that I’ll forget the day to day joy of being 25 by the time I reach 40.

The downside of keeping hold of the day to day ‘joy’ is the inability to separate yourself from hideously embarrassing memories of your younger self. I have tried to mentally discard much of my teenage experience. Yes, there were great times, friendships and romances. But equally so there were sentences spoken aloud that could cripple me with embarrassment today.

I’m certain that I’ve done and said things today that I will find mortifying by the time I’m 30. Including writing this, I’m sure. But life is being earnest, learning you were wrong and then imagining you are incredibly wise thanks to your experiences. And so it continues.

I find myself very jealous of the authors of blogs I read regularly. They have years of memories documented in the time it’s taken me to read them. Let me document my own future embarrassment as well as the utter happiness that I hope I will be grateful to remember.

To begin, here is today in a frozen wintry nutshell. It’s nice to immortalise something so everyday.

PS. I’m 27, I’m from the UK. I travelled to Brazil with my boyfriend, Oliver, in November 2013. Since then we’ve seen lots of South America, San Francisco and now we’re living and working in Melbourne, Australia. We don’t know what’s next and that’s quite nice.


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