Get shit done; May 2016

May started to feel cold, so we cooked a lot and prepared for our holiday to Bali, half way through the month. I’ll post separately about that holiday, because I took a lot of pictures!

Oliver cooked up some delicious Indian curry a we fried a stack of poppadoms. The best ever.

We had dinner at a friend’s house one Friday night and she cooked incredibly hearty, Italian fare in her effortlessly cool house. Bare bricks, big open spaces and precisely selected furniture. We listened to Paul Simon through the back door.

My cousin is moving from Brisbane to Melbourne in August and he came down to suss out the suburbs for a weekend. We had brunch in Fitzroy and Oliver and I tried to sell the North to him. Can’t wait to have some family around full time.

This colourful dish was a nice change from the grey exterior.

On the other hand… pork chops and baked apples, sage and roasted beetroot screams Autumn and Winter. We made this two days in a row and I didn’t feel hungry for days.

We celebrated our friend Adam’s birthday at a bar in town and ate huge gyros at a Greek place afterwards.


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