Get shit done; January 2016

Our trip home to the UK came at an awkward time for my workplace; lots of change and uncertainty. So I didn’t exactly ring in the New Year with a clear view of what I’d do in 2016, more an idea of how I’d like to approach the year. My approach involves doing things I’m afraid of (plenty of those) and travelling as much as possible. I’d like to learn to drive too, stability permitting though.

In that spirit, here’s some stuff we did in January…

 Bucket List kind of stuff in Dubai on the way home from the UK. More of this in another post.
 Got to the MCG for the end of the Big Bash League season. We saw the Melbourne Stars lose, but I still enjoyed myself.

  Wandered along Port Melbourne, a place we’d never really explored. Beach volleyball and fit people working out outdoors.
Summer wander through the Botanical Gardens and their humid as hell tropical greenhouse.

The view from the pier in Port Melbourne.
  Negotiating THIS. What is this? This is Melbourne weather. Hot and windy hairdryer kind of weather. This is what Buenos Aires felt like when we visited two years ago. I nearly lost my shit when we were there. As long as it’s a day here and there in Australia I can cope. 

A very familiar Yarra view of the city. I must have taken this same picture about a dozen times in the last year.
  We went to the Australian Open! This was definitely a treat for Oliver, I didn’t expect to enjoy it too much, but I loved it. We went on Day 1 and saw a great women’s singles match. I think Wosniacki… she’s Danish?

A very drunken, greasy picture of a nice rendezvous with drunken, greasy friends.

Australia Day 2016, celebrated like a true Melburnian; using a communal bbq on the Yarra River. Too much beer and too much sun. A lovely national holiday! Unfortunately I missed my favourite part of Australia Day; the citizenship ceremony in Canberra presided over by the Prime Minister. It makes me well up.