Last week…

 I just grabbed my phone pictures for the last week to post, as some kind of snapshot of the week I had. If I continue this way, when I look back I’ll remember nothing but obscure screenshots and delicious food. And that’s very nice but I’d like to remember something more substantial too. 

So in addition to my Melbourne food log, it’s worth saying that last Friday Oliver and I booked flights to go home to England at Christmastime. I’ve never spent so much money on flights; a combination of late booking, a decent itinerary and the time of year. 

And we were only able to do that because of our beautiful long term visa which was approved earlier in the year. It’s been the greatest relief to know we can stay put for a while, make plans to visit parts of Australia we’ve never seen and, of course, visit England!

We’re excited for a cold, festive Christmas with Stilton and British TV, Christmas songs and our families.

But anyway, some ridiculous bits from the week…



One Comment

  1. I’m so excited!!! But sad Oliver will miss Rachael’s wedding in July. Just days after your booking and the wedding date was set! That’s rotten luck. Anyway, roll on Xmas =)



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