Last week…

These are a few pictures from Saturday 19th to Thursday 24th September! It’s truly Spring now in Melbourne, with bright warm weekends and slightly longer days. Getting up at 6am means it’s light outside now and when we return from work we can still spend 30 minutes in the garden.   

Oliver and Toby spent last Saturday afternoon building the bbq we bought from Bunnings. It’s by far our favourite garden feature! We plan to eat by bbq all summer!

Last Sunday we spent our first day in the park this Spring. The trees are still bare, so it doesn’t look like the seasons are changing but in Melbourne there are golden leaves on the ground for about 9 months of the year. You never know what the day will look like till it happens.  

This monster is living on the side of the house. It could be harmless, it could be a killer. Any ideas?  

We finally visited Pelligrini’s on Bourke Street last week. It’s a lovely, cosy old school style Italian serving home cooked comfort food and big servings of familiar desserts. It’s the perfect late night spot after a chaotic evening. 

 Oliver picked the blueberry pie, but I couldn’t resist the chocolate plum tart. I wish I did because the blueberry pie was so fantastic! I’ve recommended it to every North American I know, since they’re always hankering for cherry pies and blueberry pies.

This was a steak night that unexpectedly included so many lovely people like Pierce and Shamah! And loads of wine. And tequila. On a Wednesday.  

And then I finally granted my mother’s wish by letting a professional colour my hair. Forgive my sullen expression; I’m not really the selfie taker.  
    Woah! Cringe! Returned to my ginger roots, but still, selfies are not my natural state. Aside from these I want to remember that this week was sunny and Spring like, I finally got paid and I let go of routine a little to drink too much and have a lovely time.


Last week…

 I just grabbed my phone pictures for the last week to post, as some kind of snapshot of the week I had. If I continue this way, when I look back I’ll remember nothing but obscure screenshots and delicious food. And that’s very nice but I’d like to remember something more substantial too. 

So in addition to my Melbourne food log, it’s worth saying that last Friday Oliver and I booked flights to go home to England at Christmastime. I’ve never spent so much money on flights; a combination of late booking, a decent itinerary and the time of year. 

And we were only able to do that because of our beautiful long term visa which was approved earlier in the year. It’s been the greatest relief to know we can stay put for a while, make plans to visit parts of Australia we’ve never seen and, of course, visit England!

We’re excited for a cold, festive Christmas with Stilton and British TV, Christmas songs and our families.

But anyway, some ridiculous bits from the week…


(the week before) last week 

 Oliver is a master chef and managed to turn this…   … into this…
 … into this…

I made an effort to counter that indulgence with some healthy eating at work. Calorie corner has become our team’s informal name and I can’t keep eating Ben and Jerry’s at 3pm.  

Found some memories from a night out in St Kilda…  

Enjoyed some quince doughnuts, in spite of my good intentions…

And I took these two pictures from my desk, about 3 hours apart. Famous Melbourne weather!  

Some more pictures from our weekend in Daylesford..

There are still plenty of sights in Australia that astound me! The weekend we recently spent in country Victoria had a few of those; for example these wild cockatoos just flying around near a Seven Eleven. I’ve only seen birds like this in a zoo or an aviary, they’re huge a very white and very loud!   

We hired a car for the weekend so Sunday was spent seeking out the natural sparkling springs. The water contains natural gases which make it sparkling from the spring, so we pumped a bottle or two and drank plenty. It was certainly interesting, but after a few sips the eggy overtones got to me.

We got up to see Trentham Falls and saw the lightest dusting of snow! I’m not that keen on snow, except when it’s outside and I’m in bed, but this was pretty nice because it was so unexpected.

The waterfalls were very impressive and a reminder of how much there is to see in Victoria and Australia.  

On our return to the city it gets a little patriotic. Soon after this Oliver had a nightmare with the rental car people, which in hindsight was kind of funny but definitely not at the time!