Anniversary weekend…

Oliver and I have spent an entire 5 years together and I’ve never been happier. We’ve done so much together, seen so many places and had so many adventures. I am very content and feel so lucky. 

We went to watch Amy Schumer do her one off Melbourne stand up a couple of Wednesdays ago and she didn’t disappoint. Hamer Hall is a stunning building, reminded me of Manchester’s Bridgewater Hall… yet another Manchester/Melbourne similarity! 

Then on Thursday we went for a fancy dinner at Movida, one of dozens of Melbourne restaurants I’ve been hankering to try. We sat at the bar and watched food being cooked and drinks being poured. The atmosphere was great and the tapas was expensive and delicious; good anniversary dinner conditions. 

Then Oliver arranged a little weekend away in Daylesford, Victoria… because he’s awesome. All pictures below…


Amy, above! Crude and hilarious and fearless.

The next night we ate at Movida and enjoyed it too much to take pictures, but we moseyed to Single Malt on Russell Street and I had this delicious beer whilst Oliver drank Scotch. Like a man.

Airy scones in Daylesford!
The saganaki that I melted instead of frying.

Sweaty and eating bread and butter after our fancy jacuzzi (and a bottle of wine).

Anniversary spread…