Tour of the Salt Flats of Bolivia, Day Three, Part One

If you can’t tell from the sheer number of posts about this tour… it was very special. We saw so many varied landscapes over our 4 day tour that every picture looks like another world.

Day 3 was my favourite. We saw a beautiful green wetland, full of animals, lakes, bright flora; it was utterly serene and peaceful. I was completely in awe. It was probably the only time I’ve ever used ‘awesome’ and meant it!

Before that though, we travelled through a desert with huge rock formations. Carla told us a story of Italian tourists who had ridden to this area on bikes, ditched their bikes and were never seen again. We were spooked, but later we searched for this story and couldn’t find anything online. Good try Carla!








^^Stuff we found on the floor in Bolivia!



^^The aforementioned storytelling.





Note on our tour: We took our tour with Hostal Los Salares and Moses and Carla were our driver and cook/guide respectively. The hostel is based in Tupiza, so we took the 4 day trip from Tupiza, ending in Uyuni. Our group highly recommends this tour for the landscape, really good Bolivian food and the lovely tour staff. You can book the hostel on and book the tour when you arrive.



    1. Hi! Thanks for your comments. I have to say that it was spectacular, but I’m sure that your experience was too. Bolivia is just an incredible part of the world. I’d love to go back! I’ll check out your blog 🙂



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