How we spent Christmas…

Merry Christmas! This was our first in Australia and we spent it in the only way I could have hoped – on the beach! I know, what a cliché. Well, clichés exist for a reason, and this one exists because it’s a delight. It’s kind of life affirming. That abyss between Christmas and New Year (those few days of not knowing what day it is, feeling over indulged during 5 hours of sunlight) are my least favourite. The festive feeling dies off, January is approaching, it’s cold, it’s dark…. ugh. Well, this time around.. none of that. It’s summer here! Christmas is the beginning of summer. So Boxing Day and today, usually my least favourite, I’m quite enjoying them this year.

We spent Christmas Day on the beach with our friends (total bucket list event), had a backyard BBQ, ate prawns and interspersed that with some traditional things like early evening Home Alone, Baileys, Pictionary, Cadburys (are all my traditions reliant on familiar brands?). Then we slept on a blow up mattress, certainly not traditional, and travelled back to our house yesterday, Boxing Day, morning. We showered, napped and wandered to Richmond for a really good bowl of pho in the afternoon. We ambled back and watched a DVD and ate ice cream. It was so different from the usual.

And the main difference is the sunshine. I get it from my Dad, this dislike for winter. I love December and the Christmas build up but I really could lose January and February. I get up before the sun does, the sun leaves before I leave work. It does something to me. I am an SAD believer!

In January my parents are visiting us for 3 weeks, unbelievable! I could not be more excited. I know they’re excited to see Oliver and I but I suspect that my Dad will gain more than our company. He gets to escape 3 weeks of that awful British post Christmas winter that makes him miserable. The sunshine here should be enough to see him through to the spring when he gets home. Some pictures of the festive season around here…









  1. Merry Christmas to you both. We missed seeing you but are glad to hear that you are enjoying your time in Australia. Lovely photos of you. Happy New Year for 2015 and hoping that it brings you many more happy adventures.



    1. Happy New Year 2015! We definitely missed being away from you all during the festive period. Sounds like you had a lovely time 🙂 were looking forward to new adventures this year, I hope the year treats you well!



  2. Best Xmas card ever (that last one). Xmas on the beach, heaven! That tall guy is making you look positively short Oliver 🙂 And who’s that cute little ball of fluff in Oliver’s arms? Have fun with your parents! Wish it was me 😦 HAPPY NEW YEAR AND HOPE IT’S AS GOOD AS THE LAST!!!! LUV YOU, Mum XOXO



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