It’s almost ridiculous that I’m yet to put this out there… if you haven’t already, listen to Serial, the new podcast from the people behind This American Life.

I don’t want to tell you a thing, just that it’s a story, a true story, told week by week and it’s my favourite thing right now.

The production is perfect. You can tell Sarah Koenig, the host, spent a whole year researching this story because every episode is rich with content. It’s gripping and emotional and I’m completely hooked. Everybody I’ve recommended Serial to is hooked too, and recommended it further… which is a sign you’re onto something good!

Don’t be put off that it’s not visual, not a movie or TV show. Just give it a go. It’s an excuse to spend 30 minutes with yourself. After Episode 1, Thursdays are the best day of the week!


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