Things to do in Melbourne…

We’ve been in Melbourne for 6 months already. We’ve stayed in three different neighbourhoods, found work, found a house, settled in and drank a lot of coffee. But since our time is limited it’s appropriate that I think about the things I want to do before we leave. There is still a lot of coffee to be enjoyed before we leave, but branching out a little I’ve compiled a list…

1. Eat at Chin Chin. (I know that I’m shallow and obsessed with food. But at least I know).
2. Eat at Mamasita. (See above).
3. Actually get inside Hammer & Tong for brunch (always a queue, always). (Done! 15th December 2014.)
4. Get up to that viewpoint in that skyscraper… The details are escaping me right now.
5. Go back to Torquay in the summer and surf. (Our first time happened mid winter, here.)
6. Go to the beach on Christmas Day. (Done! 25th December 2014.)
7. Visit all of the museums I wanted to during winter but couldn’t because I was broke.
8. Have my mum and dad visit. (I know this one is beyond my control, but it would be an absolute highlight!)
9. Go on the famous Great Ocean Road trip.
10. Take a weekend trip to Hobart (not strictly Melbourne).
11. Travel the city circle tram.
12. Get off the train at Flagstaff (this is a nerdy, orientation, public transport kind of desire of which I have plenty).
13. Visit the Yarra Valley. (Done! 8th November 2014.)
14. Go back to the Yarra Valley, drink some wine.
15. Visit the hot springs.
16. Give the Melbourne 50 Best Fat Feeds list a good go.
17. Visit the National Gallery of Victoria. (Done! A while back, here.)
17. See some more Aussie wildlife. Perhaps at the Healesville animal sanctuary. (We saw some kangaroos here!)
18. Watch some AFL (Aussie Rules Football). (Done! Three times over, the first here.)

This list doesn’t include the stuff we’d like to do in all of Australia, but the reality is that there is simply too much to do! It’d be pointless to write a bucket list that was just 1. Do everything. Even though that’s pretty close to the truth.



    1. Emma I’m sure you’d come up with some way more interesting things to do! Mine are centered around eating as much as possible.



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