Back garden makeover!

About a month ago Toby had an inkling that he was a gardener, underneath being an astrophysicist. And I am an established gardener, albeit an established gardener of metre squared patches of soil in Chorlton. Along with Oliver we decided it was time to tackle our overgrown mess of a back garden. There was a huge fancy looking barbecue hidden under weeds and a child’s paddling pool inexplicably thrown over some climbing plant.

Here are some pictures of our untamed wilderness… Before & After!






So now it’s a lovely place to be! We have herbs growing (rosemary, parsley, mint and oregano) as well as some sad looking lettuces. There is a genuine compost heap in the corner, that was hidden under weeds and overgrown trees. That was the purpose of the child’s pool, to cover the compost heap!





It’s a bit bare for now but soon everything should grow and fill in the spaces. Oliver already went crazy on the front garden so we’ll have a perfectly preened outside space and somewhere lovely to cook at the weekend and drink coffee in the morning.



  1. awww, this looks absolutely fantastic! Well done you guys!! Show us pictures of the front too. šŸ™‚ Gardening is something I won’t have in Salford but that’s OK. I can do without it for the next phase in my life. At this house the garden tools and lawnmower went by the wayside and without those it’s been … tedious and expensive (having to pay someone to cut the grass and once you finish you have to start at the beginning again- with the weeds!). And how lucky for you to find a bar-b-que like that! My god, you’re not gonna want to leave! Is he really an astrophysicist? šŸ™‚ XXX



  2. He is an astrophysicist! Oliver tells me you’ve moved house now. Congratulations! I’m not sure that you’ll have internet yet but let me know when you do. I hope it’s going well šŸ™‚



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