A very good Saturday…



Any day that begins with that cheese has to be a good one. And it was surprise cheese. As in Toby’s making breakfast and says “help yourself to bread and cheese”. Ugh, the best.




You may have noticed that this Saturday morning is taking place outside, because we’re just soooo comfortable in our lovely garden now. Toby’s grilling steak on the barbecue for breakfast… how will we ever fit in in England again?



This is Carlton Gardens next to Melbourne’s Exhibition Centre. I think that’s where documents were signed a long time ago to say “this is Australia, and Melbourne is the capital”. I certainly need a history lesson but I think that’s the gist of it. For the record, I know that Canberra is the capital, but I’m sure it was once Melbourne. I’ll get back to you.

It was 27 degrees on Saturday and I know that I’m British because it gets me everytime. “It’s so sunny today, isn’t it so nice?”. Can I really say that every other day for the next 5 months?



We had a drink on the roof bar of a place just behind where we live. It’s a distinctly Fitzroy view from the terrace. Not especially beautiful but interesting, lots of metal roofing and construction. My kind of view anyway.


One Comment

  1. Looks like a great view to me! Reminds me some of California. And Canberra? I always thought it was Sydney and only Sydney. But if Melbourne was once the capital… well that’s historic and says a lot about the town err city. you and your cheese! 😀 does look good though, especially with steak! xx



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