A birthday walk…

So you already know that I ate $70 of cheese on my birthday, but that cheese gorging had to be earned. And so it was by a lovely wander through Melbourne with Oliver. We had plans to go further afield, but we so rarely walk around the CBD together, it was a lovely thing to do. I took some pictures of the beautiful buildings, all different, stacked up next to one another.





I really like the photography of Michael Wolf, if you look at his website here you can see that he loves dense architecture and city streets. Well me too! What is it about cities? Almost everything about them is exhilarating. The skyscrapers, the foot traffic, the lights and even, yes I’m a nerd, the transport. I love the buses, trams and trains at every corner and all of their complicated intricacy.



This one picture, below, makes me think of Brazil! It’s that Niemeyer-esque building and the palm tree.


We started out in Fitzory, which is ten minutes on a tram from the CBD and has a totally different, distinct look. It’s charmingly rough, with graffiti everywhere. It’s like a cross between Berlin and small town USA. Lots of lovely old houses and mismatched building facades, with huge graffitied art works on every corner.






There you have it, a pretty perfect birthday for me, in a city we are still discovering being nerdy about buildings.



  1. what’s ‘the CBD’ stand for? I’m reading again, my new ‘pocket’ edition!, of the Story of Art and there’s lots on architecture in it. These building shots are SO brilliant and reflect just the BEST in late 20th/21st architecture! 🙂 just ❤ the michael wolf site. and yeah, can't wait to be in the exhilarating city of MCR! 🙂 cities rule! I even got on a bus that was FREE (think it was a metro link bus) and the trams… brilliant. I totally understand your infatuation.



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