The week in food (3)…

Actually, a few weeks in food. We’ve been eating so well in this house. Something to do with all the guests we’ve had means we’re eating together a lot, taking it in turns to cook for each other. Toby made these incredible burgers, below, a couple of weeks ago when I had an horrific hangover.


Then he worked wonders with kangaroo and a peri peri marinade. This is a memory worth remembering because he smoked out the entire house with burning chillies. We took turns running outside, dramatically, coughing and laughing.



Me and Oliver have a dirty secret, we love Melbourne Central, a huge indoor shopping centre in Melbourne CBD. We spent our first few trips to the city there, wandering looking for jobs, then work clothes, and now for the dumplings in the food court. Dumplings and steam buns. They’re so delicious and moreish. I’m crazy for Melbourne food!


I woke up early one morning and took myself to Industry Beans around the corner for breakfast. I got some interesting oats, tasty but the mandarins were evocative… of toilet cleaner, very perfumed. The rest of their menu is delicious though, promise.



Lunch one Sunday afternoon… thanks to Toby again. Greek chicken kebabs, lemony and minty, with a feta salad. This was well deserved after our gardening endeavour.



I started making this honey cake, recipe here, and had to take a picture of butter, honey and sugar melting in a pan. I ate a spoonful of the melted mixture and it was heaven. Like diabetic, heart attack, 50’s USA heaven. There is something about butter that’s undeniable. It’s the way that the fat coats your tongue, it’s so reassuring and dependable. I love you butter. I understand James Martin wholly because of this. Anyway, it was so tasty I forgot to take a picture of the cake itself. Rest assured, it was delicious and enjoyed by all.



Little midweek tofu and mushroom stifry, below.


Lastly, a glorious baked Camembert. Shockingly expensive in Australia but still worth every cent. Scored and stuffed with rosemary, melting and salty and almost mushroomy. We ate it with spoons and bread, grapes and a fig and walnut jam. My mother need never worry I’m not eating well enough.



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