The week in food (2)

So I’m still slugging it at the gym and liking it too. I was eating pretty well for a week or two and I’m still trying but I can longer resist birthday cake at work or the odd slab of chocolate. Here are some pictures of the last week at the dinner table…



As promised I cooked up a chicken liver storm. The top picture is a very easy curry with tikka paste, yoghurt, onion and something tomatoey, plus a load of chicken livers. A few days later I made a rather chunky chicken liver pâté with thyme and shallots, as a household we wolfed it down with butter and crackers.


I’ve been eating fruity, fresh breakfasts like this peach and passion fruit goodness!


I think this easy roasted cauliflower was for the chicken liver curry instead of rice. Good it was too. Big florets dusted in turmeric and salt and olive oil, roasted for 30 minutes, with a shake about half way through. It’s so good! Even better with beer in the Autumn.


More breakfast, strawberries and chia seeds (hello Aussie food trend bandwagon!) after the gym.


Oh, this must have been an off track day! I think I watched season 2 of The Killing, the Danish TV show, and ate pancakes that night.


Chicken hearts, red peppers, red onions and teriyaki sauce. If you have never eaten chicken hearts, just do it! They are so cheap and are best with generous levels of salt, fried up or grilled. They’re not strongly flavored of textured, just delicious and under appreciated.


A quick dinner for Oliver when he came home after a very long day. I’m a catch. I had a Hungry Jack’s for dinner on the tram home. Funny no picture of that 🙂

As for recipes… I tend to find things I like and get to know them. The chicken liver curry and roasted cauliflower were both from a Leon cookbook that Oliver got me one year. It had lots of store cupboard recipes, very handy. The pâté was a Jamie Oliver recipe but I couldn’t find the original online, I’m sure it was from a Christmas magazine. Oliver and I hold Jamie’s Christmas magazines so dear! They’ve fueled our past few and we intend to make them tradition. Anyway, the pâté is chopped, not blended, I remember this.


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