The week in food (1)

Last week I finally joined the gym a few streets away with Liz. We got a good deal for 3 months so I’ve been enjoying going as much as I can, feeling stronger and aching after every class. I’ve been trying to take advantage of all that healthy Aussie fare I mentioned a few weeks ago. Annoyingly the good supermarket, Woolworths (totally different from defunct UK Woolies), is a good 20 minutes walk away and the crappy, smaller supermarket is 5 minutes walk away.

But with my few days off last week I made the pilgrimage for the aisle of fancy, healthy foods, tones of fruit and veg and more importantly the chicken livers. What supermarket doesn’t sell chicken livers? Coles.

If you’re grossed out, you’re missing out. Chicken livers at Nando’s are the only thing worth going to Nando’s for, in my food snob opinion. They’re about £2 or $2, Australia is actually cheaper for livers (reason to live here), so I bought two packets and a packet of chicken hearts (also delicious). In Brazil they eat chicken hearts on a stick coated in teriyaki sauce and it’s a dream. I’ll be doing the same this week.

Anyway, I did a lovely food shop and tried to eat loads of greens this week. It looked liked this; a tempeh veggie pasta sauce with mung bean noodles (recipe here)…






And this kiwi fruit and yoghurt, with lemon and mint hot water for breakfast. Best enjoyed with about 10 minutes spare in the morning…


And this puy lentil, roasted carrot kinda salad from BBC Food, recipe here…


Some pickled veggies, a recipe from Bleubird, one of my fave blogs…




So much healthy, wholesome food this week and I’ve really enjoyed eating crunchy vegetables and sweet fruits and less junk! More to come.



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