a day at the national gallery of victoria…

A month or so ago we spent a day wandering around the NGV (National Gallery of Victoria), a beautifully modern art gallery in the middle of Melbourne City. I’d be happy to visit the building without any art in it, it’s incredible. As we approached, a wedding party were having their pictures taken in front of the waterfall featured entrance. Actually, it seems like every weekend we see a wedding taking place in front of a striking building in Melbourne.

The NGV has a grand atrium, with a tall stain glassed ceiling. There is concrete, glass and steel everywhere. It reminds me of the Mosley Street Art Gallery in Manchester, which is a lovely old Victorian building with a complimentary modern extension. Glass and stone all over the place. The buildings are very different, but manage to pair old with new, making them visit worthy in their own right, but not thunder stealing. I’d live in that beautiful NGV building.

Anyway, we went to see the artwork too. It didn’t dissapoint. The exhibitions were accompanied by the Alain de Botton Art As Therapy blurbs. I quite enjoyed them. I find it very difficult to appreciate certain pieces of art without some kind of text next to them. I almost always find it enhances my experience. I suppose that says something about me, perhaps that I am utterly unimaginative and need rigid guidance and context. So having the traditional information and then the Art As Therapy description gave me a little history, art and philosophy lesson. Perfect.

Below, some photos.















  1. Contrary to what you might think, you have a real artistic eye (as seen in the photos you take- use of black & white, angles, composition, experimenting). labels, if written and presented well, inform and enhance gallery visits. but make ‘selective’ critiques of the labels, then the artwork and also of yourself as the viewer (how are you looking?). The art of seeing is a great subject! And really, it’s your time and space that’s important in a gallery so keep returning to ‘discover’ a bit more each time. XX



    1. Hey Jo, you’re too kind. I do use some filters after I’ve taken pictures, to make the colours pop, but it’s very nice for you to compliment my pictures 🙂 I would like to learn properly one day.
      I do like going back to a gallery every now and again, I become fond of certain works that way. I will return again! x



      1. You ARE learning properly… now. Doing is the best way of learning. you can get a degree in it but it’ll cost ya and technical, and some aesthetic, things you can learn on the web. Just carry on as you are 😉 You’re doing just fine.


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