a day of Aussie firsts, part two: surfing

Some pictures from the rest of the day. We did a little tour of the coast thanks to Adam, who showed us not just kangaroos but the lighthouse made famous by kids’ TV show ‘Round the Twist’, remember that? And we saw dozens of surfers in the water at 8am. The beach below is famous as the setting of the end of Point Break. That’s some Aussie culture there.




Unfortunately I don’t have any pictures of Oliver and I attempting to surf. After days of considering just staying in Adam’s car as him and Oliver braved the water, I decided to do it. It was a cold, Victoria winter’s day and I put on a bikini and a wet suit and got in an icy sea under a grey sky. I had a great time. I couldn’t feel my feet for hours afterwards. I panicked and swore and moaned as I was in the sea, but after Adam convinced me to give it a go, I actually did. I rode a few waves, got up onto my knees and even my feet. I’ll definitely go back and do it again, but in the summer.





After our surf, we got a cosy coffee and waited for Liz to finish her marathon. She came 4th, which is incredibly impressive. I took pictures of some interesting little houses and enjoyed the beautiful view of the water and a rainbow. Facing my fears always pays off. Getting up at 5.30am, swimming in the winter ocean and facing huge waves that would chuck me about. I didn’t want to do any of those things, but I did them and had a wonderful day. And I feel quite proud.

The coast in Victoria, along the Great Ocean Road, is famous and I can see why. It’s stunningly beautiful. I had to stop myself from more taking pictures of the water, that was a deep green even when the sky was grey, and when the sun came out was an azure blue. I can’t wait to return in the summer.








  1. Looks incredible! That one of the rainbow and azure blue/green sea- stunning! And that house! the one with the slender timber pillars. I could live in that house! Is that Liz on the last one? They sound like a gr8 couple, just like the two of you. and your first stint at surfing, looks like you couldn’t have picked a nicer place. can’t wait to hear about when you do it again in the summer. xx



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