The week in food (1)

Last week I finally joined the gym a few streets away with Liz. We got a good deal for 3 months so I’ve been enjoying going as much as I can, feeling stronger and aching after every class. I’ve been trying to take advantage of all that healthy Aussie fare I mentioned a few weeks ago. Annoyingly the good supermarket, Woolworths (totally different from defunct UK Woolies), is a good 20 minutes walk away and the crappy, smaller supermarket is 5 minutes walk away.

But with my few days off last week I made the pilgrimage for the aisle of fancy, healthy foods, tones of fruit and veg and more importantly the chicken livers. What supermarket doesn’t sell chicken livers? Coles.

If you’re grossed out, you’re missing out. Chicken livers at Nando’s are the only thing worth going to Nando’s for, in my food snob opinion. They’re about £2 or $2, Australia is actually cheaper for livers (reason to live here), so I bought two packets and a packet of chicken hearts (also delicious). In Brazil they eat chicken hearts on a stick coated in teriyaki sauce and it’s a dream. I’ll be doing the same this week.

Anyway, I did a lovely food shop and tried to eat loads of greens this week. It looked liked this; a tempeh veggie pasta sauce with mung bean noodles (recipe here)…






And this kiwi fruit and yoghurt, with lemon and mint hot water for breakfast. Best enjoyed with about 10 minutes spare in the morning…


And this puy lentil, roasted carrot kinda salad from BBC Food, recipe here…


Some pickled veggies, a recipe from Bleubird, one of my fave blogs…




So much healthy, wholesome food this week and I’ve really enjoyed eating crunchy vegetables and sweet fruits and less junk! More to come.


Little trip to Queensland! Part one…

Alanna and Jenni have been on their own trip around the world for a few weeks and they arrived in Melbourne a couple of weeks ago. After a few days showing them the city and suffering the temperature we took a girlie trip to the Whitsunday Island in Queensland. We flew to Hamilton Island, stopped in Airlie Beach and then enjoyed a 2 night boat trip around the islands, stopping at all kinds of beautiful places along the way.

We snorkelled, sunbathed, ate and drank. It was spectacular to be in the sunshine again, I got a sunburned arse to prove it. I can’t wait for summer in Victoria to roll around. Here are some pictures of the trip…













World Cup games in the middle of the night

I’ve enjoyed the World Cup so far, despite watching replays or live games at horrible times. I had the pleasure of watching England lose at 8am on a Saturday morning and England lose at 5am on a Friday before work.

The Saturday game, England’s first, against Italy had us up at 7.30am to our housemate Toby cooking bacon and eggs for a crowd, listening to football songs. It felt like football christmas morning. This post is so I remember that nice weekend morning, the smoke alarm going off, coffee from Industry Beans to null the pain and blankets on the couch.




a day at the national gallery of victoria…

A month or so ago we spent a day wandering around the NGV (National Gallery of Victoria), a beautifully modern art gallery in the middle of Melbourne City. I’d be happy to visit the building without any art in it, it’s incredible. As we approached, a wedding party were having their pictures taken in front of the waterfall featured entrance. Actually, it seems like every weekend we see a wedding taking place in front of a striking building in Melbourne.

The NGV has a grand atrium, with a tall stain glassed ceiling. There is concrete, glass and steel everywhere. It reminds me of the Mosley Street Art Gallery in Manchester, which is a lovely old Victorian building with a complimentary modern extension. Glass and stone all over the place. The buildings are very different, but manage to pair old with new, making them visit worthy in their own right, but not thunder stealing. I’d live in that beautiful NGV building.

Anyway, we went to see the artwork too. It didn’t dissapoint. The exhibitions were accompanied by the Alain de Botton Art As Therapy blurbs. I quite enjoyed them. I find it very difficult to appreciate certain pieces of art without some kind of text next to them. I almost always find it enhances my experience. I suppose that says something about me, perhaps that I am utterly unimaginative and need rigid guidance and context. So having the traditional information and then the Art As Therapy description gave me a little history, art and philosophy lesson. Perfect.

Below, some photos.