eating like an aussie…

Okay, not all Aussies. Since we got to Australia I’ve loved the abundance of healthy food and all those delicious greens at the supermarket and in most restaurants we visit. Now we have a place to live, there is no excuse not to eat wholesomely and look after ourselves. Saying that, we’re 2 minutes walk from about 50 restaurants offering souvlaki, pizza, pho, thai, donuts, falafel, sushi, eggs any which way…

I recently came across this lovely blog full of delicious healthy food ideas and I feel inspired. There are so many recipes at Sprouted Kitchen that I can’t wait to try…

Quinoa Cauliflower Patties because Oliver is a lover of a good veggie burger, this Veggie Frittata as a tasty breakfast option that isn’t just wheat or sugar (or coffee) and this Spicy Harrisa recipe and the delicious sandwiche idea that come with it, so green!

Recently we had breakfast at Dr Jekyll in St Kilda and had some kind of smashed avocado, of course – we’re in Melbourne, and it was a treat! They smashed avocado with chunks of creamy, salty feta cheese and mixed that with loads of shredded mint and squeezed lemon juice all over. There was some toasted sourdough bread involved and olive oil too, it was pretty special.

Since then we’ve had that mint, lemon, feta combo in a few different ways. Once, attempting to recreate the Dr Jekyll breakfast, once in fresh salad with fresh avocado and toast and twice with pasta, fried courgette & garlic. And that’s my favourite. Lots of butter, optional.



I’m looking forward to these Lemongrass Tofu Bowls too! They look so fresh and delicious with avocado and sesame seeds. I feel spoiled surrounded by so much delicious Thai food, we had a takeaway on a work night from this place and it was spectacular. But undoubtedly full of salt and sugar and oil. In these winter months it takes extra effort to eat properly, so it’s even better when wholesome recipes look as good as this!


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