the weekend in our house…


I love Earl Grey, really strong, with soy milk and half a sugar. This was a perfect treat after cleaning our little shared house this Saturday morning. It’s a sign of my age or something, but tidying and cleaning and sorting is one of my favourite things to do on a weekend morning. It’s something to do with territory and having a place to stay that feels like home. Improvement of that space feels like an investment. And I always think, as I’m wiping dust from skirting boards and hanging out washing, I can’t wait till I have a house that’s all mine (and Oliver’s!).


For now, this lovely shared space is what we need. There’s a huge lemon tree in the garden, with all the good uns too high to reach. So I picked a green one from lower down and I’ll use it when I need some limey lemony hit and see how it fares.



To fuel my desire for a house of my own one day, I’ve been reading and dissecting and LOVING this blog: Door Sixteen written by Anna who owns a beautiful old house somewhere in New York State. I love that Anna and her husband do almost every little thing themselves. They google and youtube and learn so they can tile their kitchen, make a wooden floor, do crazy things with grout and radiators. Their recent kitchen overhaul is incredible and beautiful. It’s all very impressive and it’s an ongoing project that she admits will take years, decades to complete. I suppose that’s what a house should be. And by now I should know it’s often the act of doing something that is far more satisfying than the result.

Anna is also a huge Morrissey fan, which makes her even more appealing. She wrote this giant, well written, honestly thought out piece on buying a house which (though I am nowhere near doing) I loved. Visit Anna, she’s incredible!





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