This lovely city!

My journey to work is now slightly longer and more arduous. Since we moved to Fitzroy, just north of the city centre, I take a tram and a train to get to the office. It takes about 50 minutes including a 4 block walk through Melbourne city centre between train and tram. These 4 blocks are so busy, full of life and beautiful skyscrapers, wafts of donuts, coffee, garlic, things frying. It’s the best part of my day.

I love cities and while in Manchester I spent my time dreaming about the next city I’d see. And since then I’ve seen Salvador, Rio, São Paulo, Montevideo, Buenos Aires, Mendoza, Sucre, La Paz, Cusco, Lima, Bogota, San Francisco, Sydney and now Melbourne. I think this is one is one of my favourites. I took some pictures of my lovely new city during my journey home today.







  1. This is the BEST post yet, including those starrr photos. So happy to read this and hear your news. All happiness in your new home…. just don’t stay there and not come back! i’m kiddin, kinda. ❤ to you both



    1. We really like it here. But anything is possible, we’re just taking time as it comes! Any news on your move?



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