Well, employed for a while now, 2 or 3 weeks we’ve both been working 9-5 office life in Melbourne. In a few short weeks we’ll receive a handsome pay and enough, hopefully, to move into our place and finally feel a little settled. It’s been 5 months since I lived in my own house, and it’ll feel pretty strange unpacking our backpacks into a flat, and not just onto a bunk bed.
We’ll need a duvet, pans, salt and pepper, washing powder… all those boring things that i’ll be really grateful to have!

After payday other things on the list are replacing the blender lid that I broke at Alice’s house (ever clumsy me), buying an autumn coat and not walking around in my knock off North Face jacket from a market stall in Cusco, getting some half way decent work clothes so I don’t have to take Oliver’s backpack to my desk, going out for dinner (always a joy and an event, no matter where you are) and setting up some speedy broadband so that Netflix and facetime are a pleasure and not a stress.

If that makes me sound shallow, it may just be true, after 5 months all I want is home comforts!

Right now our biggest problem is choosing where to live… if you know anything of Prahran or Fitzroy or anywhere in Melbourne that sounds good, let us know!

Ps. Here’s a little possum that sits on the back door waiting for dinner each night.




  1. How BRILL. you’re on your way… to home life again 😀 (usually it’s t’other way round). I bet you find a great little place so good luck! ❤ ❤



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