some healthy eating for a change…

For the past few weeks (months) we’ve eaten anything and everything we liked. Lots of junk food, beer and wine whenever it’s offered with a casual disregard for vegetables. Oliver’s making a daily pilgrimage to his favourite spot…


And more of the same…



So how lovely to indulge in fresh fruit and vegetables, a veggie barbeque and a kitchen full of superfoods! Here is a little smoothie I’ve been brewing up each morning, it’s Alice’s Chocolate Breakfast Smoothie!


We’ve used her NutriBullet blender, and here’s a rough guide…
Maybe 300ml of water or almond milk, or a blend of both,
one banana or one avocado,
a handful of cashews or macadamia nuts or a mix,
honey (a teaspoon for the banana, a tablespoon for an avocado),
a tablespoon each of whatever fancy supplements you like,
2 heaped tablespoons of cocoa powder or raw cacao,
and a little spoon of coconut oil or hemp oil or whatever extra goodness you like.

Blend! That’s an extremely rough guide, but it’s always pretty delicious.


Follow with a table full of kinda barbeque goodness…





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