ANZAC Day in St. Kilda…

Today is a national holiday, so we took the chance to wander around St. Kilda and get a feel for the place. We ate breakfast, strolled to the beach and did a budget food shop. 20 days till payday and a flat!




















Well, employed for a while now, 2 or 3 weeks we’ve both been working 9-5 office life in Melbourne. In a few short weeks we’ll receive a handsome pay and enough, hopefully, to move into our place and finally feel a little settled. It’s been 5 months since I lived in my own house, and it’ll feel pretty strange unpacking our backpacks into a flat, and not just onto a bunk bed.
We’ll need a duvet, pans, salt and pepper, washing powder… all those boring things that i’ll be really grateful to have!

After payday other things on the list are replacing the blender lid that I broke at Alice’s house (ever clumsy me), buying an autumn coat and not walking around in my knock off North Face jacket from a market stall in Cusco, getting some half way decent work clothes so I don’t have to take Oliver’s backpack to my desk, going out for dinner (always a joy and an event, no matter where you are) and setting up some speedy broadband so that Netflix and facetime are a pleasure and not a stress.

If that makes me sound shallow, it may just be true, after 5 months all I want is home comforts!

Right now our biggest problem is choosing where to live… if you know anything of Prahran or Fitzroy or anywhere in Melbourne that sounds good, let us know!

Ps. Here’s a little possum that sits on the back door waiting for dinner each night.


gingerbread makin’…

Some not brilliant pictures of this chaotic looking gingerbread that Alice made and we both decorated. Maybe that explains why it looks crazy, icing and glitter everywhere. I thought it was quite David Bowie looking gingerbread. Very Ziggy.







some healthy eating for a change…

For the past few weeks (months) we’ve eaten anything and everything we liked. Lots of junk food, beer and wine whenever it’s offered with a casual disregard for vegetables. Oliver’s making a daily pilgrimage to his favourite spot…


And more of the same…



So how lovely to indulge in fresh fruit and vegetables, a veggie barbeque and a kitchen full of superfoods! Here is a little smoothie I’ve been brewing up each morning, it’s Alice’s Chocolate Breakfast Smoothie!


We’ve used her NutriBullet blender, and here’s a rough guide…
Maybe 300ml of water or almond milk, or a blend of both,
one banana or one avocado,
a handful of cashews or macadamia nuts or a mix,
honey (a teaspoon for the banana, a tablespoon for an avocado),
a tablespoon each of whatever fancy supplements you like,
2 heaped tablespoons of cocoa powder or raw cacao,
and a little spoon of coconut oil or hemp oil or whatever extra goodness you like.

Blend! That’s an extremely rough guide, but it’s always pretty delicious.


Follow with a table full of kinda barbeque goodness…




this week in pictures…







This week we’ve wandered in Melbourne handing out CVs and chatting to people about job vacancies. This was interspersed with a nice lunch and a few good coffees. Feel free to share any Melbourne tips!

a shamphree update…

When I left Manchester and my house and routine for a life with a backpack (for a few months) I decided, for space and convenience, to return to regular old shampoo and conditioner. But I’ve never forgotten about my lovely Shamphree experiment and I’m determined to return to it when I can.

It seems that, aside from friends and family, people read the posts I wrote about Shamphree more than anything. This makes sense since when I started looking for information about Shamphree there wasn’t much aside from How To Hair Girl‘s site and a few personal blogs. I must have read every page I could find about Shamphree. So I’m pleased to provide a little bit of information for those who are after it. You can find my other posts by clicking here.

Firstly, when we left England we went to Brazil, to sunshine and sea. In that climate I can wash my hair once a week because it’s mostly piled on top of my head, filled with dry shampoo and seawater and enjoying a break. However, the very first time I washed it the conventional way, after about 3 months of Shamphree, I admit that I was annoyed that my hair felt clean and soft and incredible, like an advert for expensive hair care products. I wanted it to feel terrible, but those chemicals know what they’re doing.

I noticed that the regular shampoo pretty much stripped all the oil from my scalp, so my roots felt clean, but really clean, the way that only a magic chemical concoction can. The difference with using bicarbonate of soda to ‘shampoo’ was that my roots felt clean but there were natural oils left in my hair. These didn’t make my hair feel greasy, just healthy (in a purely aesthetic sense, I really don’t know the science!)

And yes the conditioner felt like liquid silk, and made my hair insanely brushable, shiny and manageable (annoying) but inevitably after a few months I’m now back in that same routine of washing it every two days and ending up with greasy hair that has to be addressed.

Over the past 5 months I’ve used dry shampoo, just shampoo, or shampoo and conditioner but less frequently. Now I’m in Melbourne and looking for a job so I can’t walk around in Havaianas with piled up dry shampoo hair. I want someone to hire me, I need clean hair.

The point of this was… regular shampoo and conditioner made my hair feel pretty good, but only for a while because now it’s just the same as it was before I tried Shamphree. By which I mean it’s clean for about a day and a half before it looks hideously greasy. Now I know that if I broke out some bicarbonate of soda and vinegar and bought some new little spray bottles, in a couple of weeks after the degreasing period, I’d have clean and less needy hair.
After Shamphreeing once before I also know that I’ll need a higher ratio of bicarbonate of soda to water, and this might make the initial couple of weeks far easier. Last time I didn’t know what to expect but this time I know that when you get your Shamphree method right, you’ll be happy with the results.

I’ve kept up my shea butter habit whilst travelling because it’s the best! I bought it for my hair, but use it mostly for moisturising my face after I wash it, for dry skin after being in the sun. The best use is for your nose, when you have a cold and are constantly blowing your nose and wiping with tissues you end up with a sensitive sore red nose. In the past I’ve used Savlon but shea butter is the only thing you need. Every time in blow my nose, I cover it in shea butter afterwards and it’s good as new!

I hope that was a helpful update on this in between phase. If you have Shamphree questions, just ask and I’ll try to be helpful. Otherwise, How To Hair Girl is the master. Below, quite a stupid picture of me that Oliver took. Nothing much to do with my hair, except for the ball he put in it.


the last 24 hours in deeply edited pictures…

Uninspired by the job search I spent yesterday playing around with the beautiful VSCO app, kind of like Instagram but definitely more elegant looking. Not sure if my pictures match that description! Here are some from in and around Alice’s house…

(Can you guess which one isn’t edited?)