five days in Tupiza

After Mendoza was Salta, Argentina and I posted those pictures promptly here. After Salta we headed to Bolivia and we agreed to meet up with Dermot and Darren to do the 4 day tour of the Uyuni Salt Flats together. This cemented our friendship as South America Bezzies.

Oliver and I crossed the border on foot at La Quiaca (Argentina)/Villazon (Bolivia) and it was like stepping into a different world. Whereas Argentina feels very European, Bolivia confirmed we were in South America. We followed guides on crossing the border that we found with a quick Google. But really it’s simple because the only reason people are heading to these towns is to cross the border. So follow the crowd or ask the obviously English/Dutch/Canadian person you’ll inevitably see.

We took a 2 hour bus journey to Tupiza, which is a quiet little town surrounded by mountains. It’s full of crappy backpacker restaurants that sell every kind of food and none of it especially good. Everything is absurdly cheap, a huge pizza costs 25 Bolivianos (£2.50) and a cup of tea costs 4 Bolivianos (40p). Here we whiled away a few days waiting for our friends to arrive, drinking coca tea, looking at cute little Bolivian kids and desperately trying to communicate in Spanish.













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