the perfect excuse to just hang around and drink coffee in Sydney. pretty much all day.

We arrived in Sydney on Saturday, almost a week ago, and have been doing all the boring stuff you have to do when turning up with a working visa. Get a Australian bank account and debit card, get a tax number, apply for free healthcare and so on. We have to hang around until things arrive in the post, and then we plan to hot foot it to some Australian countryside for clichéd fruit picking.

I’m looking forward to working (I know) and working hard, having a routine, some space and purpose and, mostly, earning some money. Before that, as we wait for things to arrive, we’ve been wandering around Sydney in the sunshine and eating and drinking some of the really good food in this city.

Every cup of coffee in Sydney is infinitely better than every cup of coffee I’ve had in the last four months, and probably the 4 months before that. (Aside from the delicious coffee from Coffee Lab, São Paulo!) There is cheap Asian food everywhere. And ‘Asian’ is a cop out of a description because it’s not Tampopo; there’s ramen and sushi and Korean and pho and Chinese on most streets.

More of that later. For now, pictures from today just sitting about in the botanical gardens, sniffing everything in the herb garden and enjoying the view.




The birds here are huge and brave and loud.


We saw a wedding in the botanical gardens! Their wedding song was by Michael Buble. I’m feeling a little hormonal and I nearly cried. That’s just who I am.


Oliver just squeezing some lemons.


We had a little snack at Harry’s Cafe de Wheels, which is either a Sydney institution or trying hard to be. I’ll go for the first because I quite enjoyed it and there were lots of pictures of celebs eating pies in the same spot. Pamela Anderson and Jason Biggs are the only ones I can remember but I promise there were some A-listers!




While we’re sitting around doing bugger all, eating ramen, drinking coffee, burning through money, let me know if there’s anything you’d recommend for us to see/do/eat in Sydney or the rest of Australia!


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  1. Hi you two. Glad that you’re enjoying Sydney. I love it there but did find it really expensive. Have you eaten at the Fish Market yet? It is fabulous and you can eat really cheaply. Rachael lived in an area called Paddington and there were some great markets there to wander about for free. I’ll pick her brains for the things to do on a shoestring and let you know. Oh just remembered that funny amusement park with the odd face on the harbour. You can go in it for free and it is quite bizarre. I’m sure that you must have discovered the seafront walks – they are all over the place, Bondi and on that side of the city and also near the harbour entrance. Rachael found childcare work on Gumtree while she was there so that may be worth a look. Sending you lots of love. Lindsay x



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