More Mendoza.

Only the best for us…






This picture below made me think of my friend Alanna and the first time she told me about somebody she knows called Geraldine. I honestly was clueless as to what she was saying, for minutes. She’s Irish you see.


I’ve included this picture below just because we seemed to eat Gobstoppers for aaaages. I think we bought them in Buenos Aires and ate them on the bus and then for days in Mendoza. They make me think of that!



This is the view from our little balcony at Punto Urbano Hostel. It was a cosy little place, and the street was noisy but became very familiar. Especially when I picked up some bed bugs from Buenos Aires and we spent an entire day wiping rubbing alcohol over all of our possessions on that balcony. Don’t worry, I washed all of my clothes and my backpack and we fumigated the whole dorm using this guide for help. Tedious.

It sounds totally gross but lots of backpackers pick them up. The key is never to just dump your bag on the bed in a new dorm. Check the mattress and bed frame for bugs first. Okay, it still sounds totally gross. It was gross. I was miserable being bed bug girl.



Because Mendoza sits at the base of the Andes mountains they get lots of snow melting and running into the city, so there are huge ditches everywhere to accommodate this. I didn’t fall down one, which I was surprised by.





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