Mendoza, Argentina. Wine and Irish friends.

Embarrassingly, I realise that I didn’t take any pictures in Buenos Aires with the fancy camera. It must have been a haze of heat wave that meant we didn’t do very much and the frustration of changing money that meant even on the walking tour of the city, I didn’t have my camera with me. I’ll have to scour Oliver’s phone for some snapshots to share.

So onwards to Mendoza, which we visited about 2 months ago. Yes, I have a lot of pictures to catch up on. We took an overnight Primera Clase Andesmar bus, which I couldn’t recommend any more than I do. It was an hilarious experience. It cost about £60 each but you can’t put a price on horizontal sleeping on an overnight bus! £60 for an 18 hour journey, one night’s sleep, dinner, breakfast and champagne! It’s alright. You can book online and choose English so things are easy to follow. If you’re ever presented with travelling options in Argentina… always Andesmar and first class where possible.

So we must have picked the best hostel in Mendoza, Punto Urbano Hostel. It was lovely, huge kitchen, huge garden, wild guinea pigs running around and free wine every night!





The walking tour just seemed to be plaza after plaza. But that’s kind of Mendoza. Lots of tiles.








At the end of the walking tour we spotted Darren and Diarmuid, the Irish guys we met in Uruguay and had hung out with in BA and we’re sad to say goodbye to, sat on a bench. We went out for dinners and wine tours and white water rafting, pictures of that somewhere too.









  1. Hi you two travellers. Your adventures sound amazing and I have enjoyed the photos. You both look incredibly well. I do hope that you enjoy Australia. Rachael loved Sidney however she did find it terribly expensive to live in. When she moved to Melbourne things were easier and there was a lot of work to buy the food so she was much happier. I hope that you enjoy the life down under. It is a great place for young people and I know that you will meet lots of travellers like yourselves. Love Lindsay x



  2. Hello Lindsay! Thank you for still reading 🙂 we’re heading to Sydney purely because the cheapest flights all seem to end there but we could go anywhere for work. Thank you for the tip for Melbourne, we’ve heard it’s a lovely city with good coffee, so we’ll give it a go! I hope you’re well and that we get to see you upon our return! Xx



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