En route to Sydney, Australia!

We arrived in Manila Airport at 4am local time to these bright neon signed hotels outside and the warm air…


Our flight isn’t until 9.20pm local time, which is completely awful and I’ll have to consider that when I book the cheapest flight next time. There are a dozen stands selling food with handwritten “cash only” signs on them, so I needed an escort to find an ATM and get us some Filipino Pisos. If you want perfume or whiskey or cigars, you can pay with a card, don’t even worry about it, people are tripping over to sell you some giant toblerone. A bottle of water is not in that category.

We sorted it and got some delicious steamed buns, a bowl of broth and wontons and some life changing spicy soy dip…



Now it’s just a waiting game. I’ve got a book I don’t want to read, a dying iPad and 8 further hours to kill.


Hopefully we’ll arrive in Sydney with no problems and be straight through immigration! Oh, didn’t I tell you the story of my trip through US immigration last week? Another time, another time…


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