Leaving San Francisco

We’re sitting in the airport on the final (part 1) leg of our planned journey. Flying from SFO to Manila in the Philippines tonight and then after a 18 hour wait (hell) in the airport we’ll continue to Sydney, Australia. During the next 2 days travelling we’ll cross over the date line and lose a day. So it’ll be 8th March.

We had a great time in San Francisco and a great time in Lima, Peru and Bogota, Colombia before that. A little bit of food poisoning but aside from that… lovely.

Today we walked across the Golden Gate Bridge and I realised how horribly I feel about heights. It was pretty spectacular though. Before that we went to Ike’s Place in Castro for a huge sandwich, delicious, not cheap. Pictures to follow.

Right now we have a backpack full of some favourite American treats…


And the biggest plane I’ve ever seen is outside waiting for us…


We’ve flown so much in the last week and a half (4 flights) that I’m pretty much over it all. Unless I get upgraded to first class or some extra leg room. But it ain’t happening so I plan to sleep and wake up in Manila!


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