bike rides in Punta del Este, Uruguay

Punta del Este, Uruguay is the so called ‘Monaco of South America’ because it’s population swells from around 9000 most of the year to several times that in January each year. The town is filled with holiday homes and apartments, fancy restaurants and overpriced shops. It has 2 beautiful beaches and lots of scary purple jellyfish that pretty much ruined that aspect for us.

We stayed at the The Trip hostel, which despite having the worst breakfast in South America, was quite cosy and comfortable. We were gifted a beer upon arrival and enjoyed a dinner or two on the roof terrace, accompanied by some flying cockroaches. We rented bikes for about £6 each a day. They broke down twice, resulting in a stubborn argument between Oliver and I. The pictures are from the nice enjoyable part of the day.

Punta del Este was the last time I swam in the sea, mid December 2013. I know that’s not too long ago, but this cold weather makes me long for the beach and the 6 weeks through Brazil and Uruguay that we took the sunshine and sea for granted. The last river I saw (near Machu Picchu) was rapid rafting material and came with a warning about sewage pollution.














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