Cusco, Peru

We’re in Cusco, Peru now and have been for the last 5 days. We visited Machu Picchu yesterday on the longest day trip of my life, 4am – 10.30pm. It was a pretty nice way to spend Valentine’s Day, which is just a crappy non event that leaves everyone feeling bad. The internet here is terrible so FaceTime is not happening. I’m a little tired now, of moving constantly and of the cold weather in Bolivia and Peru. I think I need some sunshine again, so travelling seems a little lighter and easier.

In a few days we’ll travel to somewhere in Peru I’ve forgotten the name of and then Lima. From Lima we fly to Bogota, Colombia for a short stay and then onwards to Sydney, Australia for the next leg of our journey. I’m looking forward to the Autumn sunshine and the English language!

More updates and pictures as soon as we move to our next hostel!

Happy Birthday Jill! I hope you have the best day, I’m missing you and your kitchen table! Here’s a picture of some kronuts we found in Cusco, your would-be birthday cake!



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