wild rover hostel, La Paz

Today the 3 boys are attempting Death Road, while I have the day all to myself. Lovely. Except it’s been raining all day and I could barely escape the hostel for a coffee a few blocks away. The place next door that does nails is closed, the only day I’ve seen it closed, so even a cheeky pedicure is out. Internet is so bad that streaming Netflix is a no no. There’s nothing at all to do but eat, drink and learn Spanish. I slept in too so even a nap isn’t too appealing! I know, it’s a tough life. Just wandering La Paz’s streets casually let’s me imagine that I live in a big city and I can stay for weeks, I look forward to being in one place for more than a week (that isn’t Buenos Aires!) and getting to know it.

We stayed in Loki Hostel for one night and the other 4 in Wild Rover Hostel, two big popular hostels in La Paz and a nice change from the seedy b&bs we’ve stayed in throughout Bolivia!






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