arriving in Salto, Uruguay from Brazil and pictures of Montevideo graffiti

Even though we arrived in Uruguay on 12th December 2013, I still have pictures from Montevideo and Punta del Este to put up! I uploaded our couple of days in Colonia a while back. You can see those pictures in one post here and another post here!

We flew into Salto, Uruguay from Foz do Iguaçu, Brazil because in order to enter Brazil you need proof of onward travel or a return ticket. Actually, Air Europa needed proof of onward travel for us to board in Gatwick. Brazilian customs did not ask a thing, just a stamp in a passport and we were in. We booked this flight a week or so before leaving the UK for this reason. It was the cheapest ticket out of Brazil, about £130 each, but a bus would have been much cheaper, though most probably unbookable from the UK.

Our plane headed to Salto first, then Montevideo. There were around 15 people on our plane, the journey was around 2 hours but included free drinks and snacks. It seemed that flying in this part of the world is kind of a fancy way to travel. We felt spoiled. Anyway, we got to Salto and were the only people getting off the plane. It was hilarious. We walked across the runway to a shed called Salto International Airport. We watched one guy open the underside of the plane and grab our 2 backpacks. We waited inside the shed for ‘immigration’ to come along and the same man then offered us a lift to the bus station. We must have been the only passports in need of a stamp that entire week in Salto. I’ve tried to find pictures online of the airport but to no avail, I wish I’d taken one!

Salto is pretty and friendly and feels safe. We had no idea it’d seem so nice so we’d planned just to land and get a bus onwards to Montevideo that day. We ended up booking a midnight bus to Montevideo to save on accommodation and we spent the day in the bus station/shopping centre/cinema which was totally up our street. We watched En Llamas (The Hunger Games) and enjoyed the first of many cinema trips in this continent!

Yadda, yadda…. we arrived in Montevideo, spent 2 nights there, here are some pictures of the graffiti and art work we saw around.









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