iguassu falls, part two

Some more pictures, too many pictures from our visit to Iguassu Falls.

In Foz do Iguaçu, Brazil, we stayed at Klein Hostel. Thinking back, we booked it because it was very cheap. It was actually in a residential part of town, but nobody is staying in Foz do Iguaçu to see Foz do Iguaçu. The hostel was a couple of minutes from a bus that took you to the main bus station and then you grab a bus to Iguassu Falls, or the airport, for about R$3.

The hostel had a swimming pool, most welcome, as it was very hot and the most inland we’d come in Brazil. I didn’t realise I’d take the beach for granted! Good breakfast, of course, we’re in Brazil, and a little shop down the street so you can cook for yourself. I had a tasty caipirinha or two at this hostel, about R$5 each, a bargain! The guy on the desk was called Rodney, who looked like ‘fat Bruno Mars’ in his own words. In my own words, he looked like Bruno Mars but about 19 years old. Turns out he had a wife and two children which I couldn’t fathom. He perpetuated this teenage look by smoking weed most nights in the hostel. He was great and he ordered us a pretty good pizza.

Along with Rodney we met an Indian guy who’d married a Brazilian lady, he was called Jack, and a Dutch guy called Bjorn. We had an unexpectedly lovely little time at that hostel, went for some drinks one night and watched football, drank beer and ate meat on a stick. Oh Brazil.

Oh yeah, and saw this…

















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