stuff we ate: acarajé (Salvador, Brazil)

Arriving in Salvador, on November 7th, I was desperate to eat something local and traditional after months on Wikipedia while I should have been working. A couple of days later we took a walking tour of Salvador and saw the famous ladies in white dresses selling acarajé and other treats. Of course we didn’t hesitate.

Salvador’s history is largely founded on African slaves brought to Brazil to work on sugar plantations. So there is a lot of typically African food, stews and beans and spice, all over Salvador and Bahia state.

Sad to say, whether this particular white dress lady is selling something representative or not, we didn’t really enjoy our acarajé. It was especially gelatinous and stringy, which kind of turned my stomach. I was aching to love it, but I didn’t. You can read a description of acarajé here and a picture below. It’s a mashed bean patty, fried and halved, filled with very fishy shrimp and local vegetables and topped with some spicy sauce.

When we travelled north of Salvador, we ate moqueca every day and enjoyed it far more! There’s also a picture of me with the white dress lady, looking especially awkward, our guide insisted on the picture! Mostly I hate it because I’m wearing a smock and look like I’ve eaten every acarajé going.




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