stuff we ate: empanadas (Argentina)

I was hoping to jump on the empanada bandwagon as soon as we reached Argentina. Cheapo local snack food, just eat enough and you’re full for a few pesos! We were pretty distracted by the other food in Buenos Aires, the expensive food. Huge bife de chorizo steaks, tasty Thai curries, some not so great greasy Japanese to name a few. By the time we reached Salta we were ready for empanadas and it was the right place for it. Around pretty Plaza 9 de Julio there are dozens of bars and cafés selling docena, a dozen of course!

We tried one place and decided it was the best, tried another place and confirmed we were right first time! The tasty little pies filled with cheese, beef, chicken, whatever you like, were paired with cumin and a little spice and a pot of salsa picante. At about 5 pesos each, 50p, you can’t go wrong. With a litre of beer, £3, you can spend a lovely hour or so just watching everything happen.

As soon as we got to Bolivia we found empanadas twice the size and half the price, lighting my frugal fire. Not quite as tasty as the Salteñas though!




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