today in Salta, Argentina

Yesterday we arrived in Salta, North Argentina, on a whim for 2 nights before we head to Bolivia. It’s been a lovely little stop, the city is small and feels like a charming little Spanish or Italian town. For once we arrived somewhere prepared with knowledge about the destination and an idea of what there was to do and what we should do. It was 100% based on this article: 36 Hours In Salta, in the New York Times.

It’s quite a good little series. They have pages and pages of towns and cities featured; 36 Hours in Glasgow, Nashville, Athens, anywhere. Thanks to this little article we arrived at 2pm and by 6pm we’d eaten empanadas and drank Salta cerveza in the busy town square, Plaza 9 de Julio, and we’d visited the High Altitude museum to see a mummy of a sacrificed Inca child. It was pretty fantastic to see. We embarrassing realised that was our first museum visit of this whole trip.

Then today we walked the 1000 steps to the top of a huge hill nearby and took the cable car back down to earth. Oliver nearly had a breakdown at the complicated ticketing system but we made it. We also managed a trip to the cinema, which we seem to do in every town in Argentina. It was 47 Ronin, it was alright. They began playing it in dubbed Spanish and we had to leave for a refund, until they told us they put the wrong version on. They stopped the film and started it again in English with Spanish subtitles. We walked back in and I’m sure everybody knew we were the English people who made the cinema restart the film.














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  1. You made me laugh Kim. I can just imagine the entire cinema audience staring at the Limies who made them restart the film. You sound like you are having a wonderful trip. Love to you both. xx



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