stuff we ate: acai (Brazil)

I was thinking today that there is a lack of food on this blog. A good 50% of this trip is about food. New, unheard of, local, native food and trying it wherever we go. I spent a good 12 months before this trip just reading about local delicacies; chivitos, alfajors and ceviche among a lot more. So here is Oliver eating a pot of delicious icy acai in Ilha Grande.

It’s a frozen paste made from acai berries. I’ve seen acai berries in packets in the supermarket at home, they’re bitter and not so sweet and kind of expensive for the amount. In Brazil they purée it up with lots of sugar (obviously, it’s Brazil) and freeze it, then scoop it into pots like melting ice cream and add granola, banana and honey or nothing at all. This pot was R$8 I think, about £2.50 and pretty well priced for over priced Ilha Grande. Acai is cold and fresh, despite the sugar, and missed by Oliver and I, like all of Brazil!






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