Coffee Lab, Vila Madalena, São Paulo

While in São Paulo, we visited Coffee Lab, a very fancy, very cool coffee shop which not only sells nice coffee but roasts and bags it on site. They have a menu with sections for coffee tasting, coffee infused food, hot coffee, cold coffee and just very nice coffee. They are about 4 ways to have the ‘just very nice coffee’ prepared, which grabbed Oliver’s interest pretty quickly.

Everything was new and delicious and two indulgent visits cost us R$100 altogether, less than £30. It was yet another charming part of our visit to São Paulo. We found the city concrete filled and sprawling and completely irresistible. There are some pictures below of our trip to Coffee Lab and some more to come from São Paulo in general.

It’s worth noting that as I write this, Series 3 of Sherlock is actually SHOWING on BBC1 right NOW. I have spent the past week attempting to find a way to view iPlayer from abroad and about 1 hour ago made a breakthrough. The internet here is so slow that watching it live isn’t an option. I’ll be downloading the episode overnight and watching it on our 15 hour bus journey to Mendoza. The suspense is killing me.

I’ll be avoiding Twitter, Facebook, The Guardian and everything else I usually read until then. I hope you’re all taking full advantage of that licence fee!










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