quick pictures of Montevideo, Uruguay

We’ve just spent a hectic 2 days getting to Montevideo. There is a lot of update on and many pictures, so here are a couple just from our hostel right now. It’s very picturesque and we splashed out on a private room, that’s £15 a night each! Very extravagent.







  1. We were in the city six years ago at the end of January and were surprised at how lovely it is. Enjoy your time there and we are looking forward to hearing about your adventures. Love Lindsay and Alan x



    1. We just went for a walk around the old town. We ate and drank some beer and it was very pretty, half European, half Soviet looking. We’re also going to Punta del Este and Colonia. How come you were in Montevideo? Xx



      1. Hi Kim and Oliver We were there as part of a trip around South America, Antarctica and The Falklands. It was an amazing experience and we loved the variety. You must be having an amazing experience. x


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