cosy hostel life in Paraty

We just left Paraty this morning, for São Paulo, it’s polar opposite. Paraty is pronounced almost as Parachee, as only Portuguese can do. It’s a cute colonial looking town, surrounded by hidden waterfalls and natural pools. We hadn’t even heard of it until Rio and it’s name began popping up alongside Backpacker’s House Hostel and Pablo, the owner. We decided upon a detour after Ilha Grande and it was the best decision yet.

The hostel is a house, with a kitchen, a huge dining table for dinners and breakfasts together, a living room, a porch with hammocks and benches, a tiny mischievous puppy and a pool that we didn’t even swim in. It was the best. Everyone was lovely, friendly, welcoming. The food was great and our one extravagance, a day tour of waterfalls and natural slides, was my favourite day so far. I was terrified about 60% of the time. But I would never have done any of those things without that incredible tour (and we wouldn’t have done the tour without my Nana’s generous gift, thank you Nana).

It helped that we took the tour with a bunch of our new found friends. Then spent the rest of the time with the same lovely people, eating food, wandering about Paraty and Trindade, watching films and playing cards. I was a bit sad to be moving on.

On the up side, we arrived in São Paulo, took the Metro to our hostel without mugging or attack. Brilliant. A few pictures of Paraty below, just from the hostel.








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