around Rio this week

I’ve had a moment to upload some pictures from the fancy camera. Though every post is an experiment in presentation, so sorry about that. Here are a few pictures from our week in Rio, now coming to an end. We leave tomorrow for Ilha Grande and I’ll be sad to leave Rio behind. 

Some of the pictures below are from our touristy trip to Christ the Reedemer, a trip more about the view than the huge Jesus. Some from our second hostel, Books. We stayed first in peaceful Santa Teresa and then in noisy, bold Lapa. They were totally different, I loved them both. Lapa is a good point to see the rest of the city from, buses every 30 seconds to Copacabana, Botofogo, blah blah blah. We wandered around Central, taking pictures of Rio’s finest modern buildings, many simultaneously ugly and beautiful. We didn’t make it to the Ministry of Education (the first modern building in Rio, designed by Oscar Niemeyer, Brazilian architect) but I saw it from a bus and it was almost more to casually view it, as if my everyday is sprinkled with Google Image worthy architecture, than to make the pilgrimage.

We went to Copacabana beach on Tuesday and Ipanema beach today and Ipanema won. The waves, the water, the cheese on a stick. And I’ve picked up a copy of Gone Girl from this hostel and I’m enjoying it so much. I look forward to many more days on the beach, reading, eating herbed halloumi.

What else? Good and bad food, delicious caipirinhas creating unexpected bar tabs to be settled upon checkout, terrible hangovers as a result, atmosphere, heat, lots of assorted and interesting acquaintances acquired, mediocre crumbs of Portuguese learned. An amazing, hot, busy city. I’d come back and stay for a long time.



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