quick pictures of Diogo, Bahia

Moving on from Salvador, we took a taxi to a huge bus station where we found a Brazilian McDonalds, a guy from Leeds and the only English speaking Brazilian in the place. She helped us get the right coach to Diogo, where Sophie picked us up and took us to the pousada that my parents had booked for us months earlier.

It’s idyllic, with twin hammocks on the porch and lovely fresh breakfast.The beach is beyond words, pictures soon. The walk to the beach is something else; a rickety old walkway and a river to wade through which is half paradise, half endurance test. We’re already budget conscious but we had 2 tasty caipirinhas when we arrived yesterday! Splurge.










  1. Looks like you’re having an amazing time! Me and Jill are re-living our SA adventures through you guys!! Enjoy the rest of Brazil, and drink BARE caiprinhas! You won’t regret it đŸ˜‰



    1. Thanks Hotch! We’re in Rio, it’s INCREDIBLE! The hostel we’re at right now just opened and doesn’t do caipirinhas but it has huge bottles of cachaca, a really thick gingery version and I think you’d love it. I had to invent a Sprite/cachaca combo, but it’s way classier than it sounds! I hope you’re doing good. You and Jill should enjoy the Manchester wet season for me please.



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