leaving England and arriving in Brazil

The past week has been chaotic, busy and over subscribed. Every day has a long list of to dos and people to see. I should count myself lucky.

Aside from moving out of my lovely house in Chorlton, and making a temporary home at my parents’ house, I have managed to reach season 4, episode 8 of Breaking Bad. I realise I’m behind the rest of the world, but I’ve hammered this series for the past 5 weeks and though disappointed I didn’t reach the end, I’m pretty happy I even started. I’ve enjoyed it immensely and if Netflix will somehow work in Brazil, then I’d be happy.

I have dozens of pictures to post at some point soon.

In the last 48 hours we’ve come from Corby to Salvador and I’ve seen a cockroach the size of my ear flying around the street. I didn’t know they fly! Might have to reconsider this whole idea. Maybe travel around Cornwall instead.

I balled at the airport after my Mum and Dad left, backpack on, such a cliche. The flight was the longest I’ve ever done, or will do (8.5hrs) and I’ve never been so happy to get to a sweltering, never ending passport control queue.

The area we’re staying in is the historical district, Pelourinho, and I think that was a good decision. The whole city looks (from the back of my taxi last night) sprawling and gigantic and pretty rough, aside from these half a dozen old restored streets, houses all painted in bright colors and turned into hostels and restaurants and bars . We had some food last night that was kind of like ‘if Brazil had an Asda, you’d probably buy this pizza there’ from a place near by, and a couple of beers. Then I slept for a measly 7 and a half hours, I’m awake now anticipating the unlimited breakfast included at this hostel! They obviously knew I was coming.

Click HERE for information about Pelourinho, Salvador.



  1. I look forward to reading of your adventures with Oliver in the fantastic South America. It sounds as though you have already met some of the wildlife! Have lots of fun. Lots of love from Oliver’s Aunt Lindsay and Alan. xx



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