shamphree: week five

Here’s the last Shamphree post from the old blog. This was written at 5 weeks. I’m now at 9 weeks. Update soon…

“Today marks 5 weeks since I first Shamphreed my hair. It’s been an interesting adventure. Saturday night just gone was the first time that I considered just giving it all up. I was getting ready for a night out and just considering how to work around my kinda greasy, kinda bicarby hair, whilst at a friend’s house. In the end, I sucked it up, straightened and plied my scalp with dry Shampoo. My hair was perfectly presentable. Soon, I’d consumed enough rum to make me forget all about it.

My biggest peeve right now is the bicarby residue that Shamphreeing seems to be leaving behind. I’ve tried more bicarb, less bicarb, more vinegar, more brushing in the shower. Right now, I have just drying hair and its at this stage I begin to feel the salty kind of sea hair roots. The first time I Shamphreed, I just had clean hair, now it seems to be clean at the top, the front but just a bit gross underneath.
I’ll do a little more research from How To Hair Girl to see if she’s answered the question. She probably has, she’s dedicated.
I ordered some shea butter from Amazon last week and I’m just awaiting its arrival. I’m excited to give ‘liquid gold’ a try. It’s a mix of shea butter and coconut oil to soften and moisturizer your hair. My bleached ends are starting to look and feel a little rough. They need a trim and some love, which I’ll get to this week.
On the back of this adventure my friends got me some cute little natural treats to take on my trip; oils and deodorants and creams. I’m trying to decide if I’ll be able to maintain a Shamphree routine in Brazil. My immediate thought is ‘no’. Unless I could get the bicarby root sitch under control, I think I’ll just go for an easier option. I’ll be busy and hot and won’t have much space or luggage so some solid Lush shampoo bars may be a good option. I’m really looking forward to my blonde growing out and enjoying natural softer hair for a change. I have some established roots just now, a couple of inches, and I don’t think I’ll be sorting those out before I go. It’s just delaying the inevitable. Inevitable ginger hair, a million miles from the shade it once was.”

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